We are a captive whale shark database dedicated to providing information on captive whale sharks, as well as their wild counterparts.  We hope to bring awareness to the uniqueness of each individual whale shark, in order to inspire a deeper love for them. We also hope to help teach our viewers more about wild whale sharks and their conservation.

Typus Data provides information on individual sharks and the aquariums that house them. We also provide facts about wild whale sharks and their biology. Our true mission here at Typus Data is to help this incredible species, so we also have a page of our site dedicated to teaching about whale shark conservation, and how everyday people can help save these Endangered sharks. We also run a blog that discusses whale shark news and topics, as well as general shark conservation!

Why not check out our Redbubble store? We sell products featuring art of sharks, especially whale sharks. You can also become a Patron! All proceeds go towards maintaining our site and environmental conservation groups.

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